The technology of tomorrow, today

Ask yourself one question: Do you deserve anything less than perfection? At Siemens, we believe you do not. Not only do our appliances meet the strictest criteria, but they also help to set new standards. Whenever we introduce a new product to the market, it is a milestone that defines an entire category. If you want the best, you need Siemens. For more than 150 years, our engineers have been searching for and discovering ground-breaking solutions that can make your life better. We use only the most unique materials, develop extraordinary technologies and invent revolutionary functions. In doing so, every step takes us farther ahead of our competitors and brings us closer to the dream ideal: the perfect appliance of tomorrow that is available to serve you today.

From cooktops, ovens, and refridgerators to washing machines: Siemens appliances contain the most advanced technologies known to the world; however, (perhaps for that very reason) their usage is unbelievably simple. You switch on the appliance - and everything works exactly as you need it to. Our ambition is to be the future of home appliances, through which we can create a more efficient, more economic and smarter household. A space for your life where everything works perfectly. And what's more: where everything works at the touch of a single button.

The systems of smart sensors keep constant watch over the state of the appliances and inform you whenever there is a need to refill anything. Intelligent technologies monitor and control the processes of individual programmes. They adapt them to your requirements and, at the same time, ensure they work as economically as possible in order to save not only work and time, but resources as well. The result? Only the best. Also, we shouldn‘t forget to appreciate their design – both outstanding and practical – or the well-known reliability and technical virtuosity with which all our products are designed and produced. So, why Siemens? If you want to enjoy the future today, you know the answer.

Where to find us

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