From the forge in the Black Forest to German engineering perfection for households

A long history full of remarkable moments and revolutionary inventions. Honest approach to the craft to represent the brand. Use of materials of only the highest quality and nothing less than perfection. Gaggenau connects everything you would expect and more from the most significant brand of luxury built-in home appliances.

An icon is born

The story of Gaggenau dates back to 1683, when Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden established the first blacksmith's workshop in the town of Gaggenau, Schwarzwald. In the years that followed, the “Eisenwerke Gaggenau AG” developed to become the most renowned manufacturer of agricultural technology and consumer electronics. 1956 was another crucial milestone. A visionary and passionate chef, Georg von Blanquet, realised, with the help of Gaggenau, his idea of a kitchen that was tailored-made and equipped with sophisticated and easy-to-use appliances. This was a game-changer. Gaggenau became a pioneer of built-in home appliances and a synonym for innovation, functional aesthetics and timeless beauty. Both then and now, its philosophy is embodied in its motto: "The difference is Gaggenau".

Perfect design, legendary is the rest

Gaggenau prioritises the traditions behind hand-made products, maximally precise processing and revolutionary ideas. This is its hallmark, which guarantees perfect functionality and reliability not only for today, but also for the future. During their entire lifespan, Gaggenau appliances maintain their consistent appearance, which is based on the highest standards of German design and on materials of premium quality. With Gaggenau, you don‘t follow fashion trends, you create them. The design of Gaggenau appliances is carefully thought through, down to the very last detail, and supplemented by technologies that are always a step ahead of others.

Traditionally innovative

No other brand in the world other than Gaggenau has had such a significant and permanent influence on household cooking trends. During more than the 330 years of its history, it has helped to give birth to many revolutionary products and has taken part in the creation of inventions that have defined kitchen appliances as we know them today. It was the first company to introduce the built-in oven, the glass-ceramic cooktop and the combi-steam oven suitable for household use to the market. All these innovations enchanted the culinary world and changed it for the better, and every single day Gaggenau continues on its journey to perfection. The first modular, fully integrated cooling system, from which a complete cooling wall can be created, as well as an area-wide induction cooktop where cookware of various sizes can be placed at random, are only a part of Gaggenau's selection of technological innovations.

Gaggenau’s recent innovations include a fully automatic cleaning system for steam ovens and precise temperature regulation, which, in combination with a vacuum compartment, allows for healthy sous-vide preparation of meals. The result is unrivalled texture in food that keeps its natural taste allows for intense enjoyment.

For home chefs

The Gaggenau brand is adapted to a culinary style in which the preparation of outstanding meals is a mindful pleasure that starts with choosing the best ingredients. As a pioneer of exclusive gastronomy, Gaggenau cooperates with renowned chefs and sommeliers, applying expertise gained during the production of new appliances. Gaggenau brings professional equipment to households and transforms cooking into an outstanding experience.

The future of Gaggenau began 333 years ago with the birth of a new icon among luxury built-in home appliances.

Where to find us

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