Perfect in every detail

Just one word is sufficient to answer the question "why Bosch?” Detail. Detail has always been the most important thing for the founder of Bosch. Robert Bosch refused to accept anything that was only almost good or almost perfect. We respect the legacy that he left us. Down to the very last detail. Over generations we have developed home appliances that are simply perfect down to the tiniest detail.

Every new innovation in Bosch home appliances creates new standards in terms of top-class technology. We create ground-breaking features that we bring to a new level of perfection and by which our customers are riveted over and over again. We do this with one purpose only: to bring about improvements that will make people's lives much easier. Every new innovation pushes boundaries beyond imagination. We never stop trying to be better - it’s the only way to maintain top performance. We create intelligent solutions so that you can live your life to the fullest. All of this is based on a philosophy that honours economic and social responsibility and protects the environment. We prefer to sacrifice our profit than lose your trust.

Reliability and the long lifespan of our appliances are of the highest importance to us. We therefore offer products that guarantee the same output during their entire lifespan. And we try to go even further. You can experience the high quality of our home appliances with all of your senses - sight, touch, sound, taste and even smell.

Are you still unsure as to what Bosch stands for? We provide our customers with technologies that excite them and give them a sense of security - technological solutions that are reliable and have simple, intuitive controls. This way we save you time and effort. Thanks to such appliances you can easily get perfect results - with the least effort and even less utility costs or water consumption. Simply put - our home appliances constantly make your life a bit easier, so that you can spend your time doing something totally different rather than waste the whole day on household chores. You will have time for your family, friends and your hobbies.

"The most unbearable thought for me was always
that someone would look at my product and find something wrong with it.
That's why I have always tried to do my job as best I could
and check it thoroughly to ensure it was the best of the best."

Robert Bosch, founder of the company

Where to find us

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